6 types of unsecured loans – Few good options to choose from

Unsecured loans don’t come with collateral. You won’t need to worry about unsecured loans as you won’t need to lose everything in case you aren’t able to repay. You must consider a few things while taking out unsecured loans. You must first possess a good credit score prior to considering the various types of unsecured loans. Also, make it a point to check out the interest rates before you sign up with a lender.

Credit Cards

A credit card is actually a kind of unsecured loan. The borrower is taking the loan from a credit card company with the intention of repaying the entire amount back to the lender within a stipulated due date. The borrower has the right to compare a few good lenders before narrowing down his choice.

Signature Loans

Signature loans owe their name to the fact that a borrower’s signature secures these loans. It holds your promise that you’ll pay the lender back with the entire amount of loan. These loans may reach your account in the form of installments and can be applied to credit unions and banks. Till the time the entire loan gets repaid, the borrower needs to pay back in pre-set installments. Compared to many other forms of unsecured loans, the rate of interest seems to be much lower with these signature loans. That’s one reason why you find them so interesting while using them for the very first time.

Line of Credit

A borrower needs to get in touch with a financial institution for achieving his line of credit. In case you possess collateral that can be used against it, you may achieve it as a secured loan. Alternatively, you may use it as an unsecured loan. However, once your application gets approved, you’ll find a borrowing limit as per your credit score. First of all, it’s important for you to create your account with the lending institution that’s issuing your loan. You’ll find a good example in any home equity line of credit.

Peer to Peer Loans

Peer to peer loans would even fall into the category of “unsecured loans” as they require both the lender and the borrower to depend on individuals instead of businesses. In this case, a web-based platform is provided to the applicants for posting their loan requirements. These posts are reviewed by potential lenders that either grant or reject such loan applications. A peer to peer loan is even offered to borrowers with fixed installment rates.

Student Loans

Student loans are yet another form of credit that falls under the category of unsecured loans. The grace period, repayment terms and rate of interest may vary depending on the lending organization that you’re working with. However, the borrower doesn’t need to show his previous credit history while applying for such loans.

Small Business Loans

Small businesses have collateral or few assets that they can utilize while applying for their loan. Small businesses can achieve unsecured loans from a number of lenders or financial institutions. These options are often provided to borrowers that have collateral, a great credit score or business experience.

Loans are often provided to individuals that don’t need them at all. Unsecured loans can be achieved through various sources.  You must check out the options mentioned above prior to applying. In the end, the borrower has to consider an option that matches his financial situation.

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