Don’t Allow Sales Applicants To Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes

An all too common issue many sales enterprises face is the unpredictability of the hiring process. Many candidates applying to fill a position may look strong on paper but will fail to deliver time and time again once taken on, and truly put to the test. It leaves owners and managers asking where they’re going wrong; leaving them feeling disillusioned or worrying that their intuition is weak. In reality, hiring for sales is challenging because finding success in the field is all about the right combination of soft skills. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for candidates to play up a personality they think the interviewing committee wants to see.

Fortunately, there are tools available that help those hiring determine an applicant’s true skill set, and whether they’d be a good fit for the position long term. One of these is a sales personality test and can be implemented at any point in the process – it helps hiring managers and recruiters determine an applicant’s true skill set and cuts through any façade an applicant might be putting on, and clearly illustrates which soft skills they’ve developed and which they haven’t. These tests are available through providers like SalesTestOnline and are designed in such a way that make it difficult for applicants to answer questions dishonestly as the questions have very little to do with sales. They do however get at the candidate’s core sales personality.

A test will measure qualities such as assertiveness, sociability, emotional maturity, dependence, sense of urgency, and stamina, and compare each candidate’s results against a target profile created for a position by means of comprehensive analysis done by the testing entity. They will often go into a workplace to determine the company’s needs, and what type of representatives a product or service could use more of. For example, if the job being recruited for requires an employee to prospect for new leads, ideal results of the test would show a high level of sociability and approachability, as well as ability to work independently.

While someone may have their interviewing skills down pact and appear to be sociable and communicative, they may not have the intuition it takes to steer a conversation with a client in the direction that yields revenue. They may for example avoid making a clear ask, or on the other hand, fail to respect boundaries causing assertiveness to cross into aggression – putting potential clients on the defensive. The test alleviates making these types of hiring mistakes.

What it also does however is allow you to have multiple target profiles; for example, that highly assertive person applying for a prospecting position might be stronger as a closer and you would miss the opportunity to give them a shot when hiring for one of those positions should they become available. Alternatively, a highly empathetic sales candidate might be just the type of person hesitant clients would feel comfortable interacting with. The test does more than take the pain points out of hiring, filtering out big-talkers that have little of substance to show, it also makes hiring more efficient.

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