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Being a single parent is difficult, and it is even harder to face the financial burden of raising a kid or several children on your own. In such a scenario, you automatically go from having sufficient money to trying to reach an amount that is considerably cut in half. With the standard yearly payment of kid support hardly rising above four thousand five hundred dollars, it is simple to see why many single parents fight to survive even with full time jobs.

Luckily, some programs are accessible in order to offer financial assistance for single parents. Such programs are need based, and provide various levels of support as per the specific needs of each family. While mostly they are time consuming to apply for, the services and assistance that they provide are more than worth it.

There is various government funding programs existing to offer financial assistance for single parents. Such programs are mostly Income and Need based, and every family may be eligible for a specific level of assistance.

The primary program that offers for a family’s essential needs is TANF or the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. This is suppose to be a nationwide program existing under the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program, and is only given for a restricted period. This program provides both food assistance and cash help plan, which offers a little amount of money for basics, which is added to the same card. Additionally, if a family is eligible for cash assistance in particular states they can avail other benefits too, like free childcare, bus tickets, clothing vouchers, gas cards for work purposes.

The American Department of Health and Human Services also gives a large range of programs that can provide financial assistance to single parents. These contain the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program that provides assistance in reducing or helping to pay your monthly utilities. The Insure Kids Now- program, which maintains a different name in every state, provides free or low cost health insurance to all infants.

In case of housing assistance, the American Department of Housing and Urban Development gives programs to help low-income individuals in obtaining accommodations. The HUD and Section 8 programs usually provide free or low cost accommodations for families that fall eligible. Repeatedly the waiting list is extensive for these programs yet, it is best to apply as early as possible.

Local Sources of Financial Assistance

Additionally the federal funded programs provide assistance. A few local agencies in every city and state also give financial assistance to single parents. You just need to dial 211from your phone, and you can be placed in contact with an operator who can tell you about any resources that are existing in your locality. This is a simple and quick method to find assistance.

Food banks are particularly cooperative for those who find themselves in dire need of food. If you are waiting for government help to start, or need some help every month a local food bank can aid you stock your pantry until help comes.

In case you are a single parent who has been abused, there are added sources of financial and housing assistance. Such tortured women shelters are spread all through the state, and almost each city has one. They can give supplies, housing, and assist in finding a new job to get you back on your feet. The YMCA also provides such short-term housing needs to those who want to come out of a bad relationship.

There is a large range of places that you can depend on to receive financial assistance for single parents. Although most of these programs are need based, few programs t provide help to individuals regardless of their income. The information provided below can help you to accept the help you need to let your family get through this trying time in your life.

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