Is NASCAR One of the Most Popular Sports in the World?

You may not believe it, but an argument could be made for NASCAR being the most popular sport in the world. And if not the most popular, then at least in the top 10 for sure. It all comes down to which region you live in.

In 2012, Twitter posted their top trending sports mentioned most frequently on their social media platform. The NFL was number one, but it was followed up by NASCAR at second place. This may leave some people scratching their heads as they wonder how someone could enjoy watching cars race around in circles. However, it is obvious that there is an audience for this sport.


A Little of NASCAR History

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) began in 1948 and it has been growing ever since. Of course, some years there may be a decline in some of the ratings on television, but it seems like the numbers always rebounds as the audience is just waiting for the next big race car driver to support.


NASCAR Is Bigger Than Just One Man (or Woman)

There have been numerous legends in the sport from Dale Earnhardt to Tony Stewart to Jeff Gordon to Dale Earnhardt Junior. And who can forget Danica Patrick, the female race car driver that went from being a high school cheerleader to one of the most well-known faces for the sport. With an estimated worth of about $60 million, she has done very well for herself. In fact, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has an estimated worth of $300 million from his time on the track. Pretty good for driving around in circles.


Diehard Fans

Just like all sports have, there are certain diehard NASCAR fans that will go overboard to support their sport. Their lives revolve around NASCAR as they attend the events or never miss watching them on TV. And who can blame them? It is a great time as friends can get together and watch their favourite drivers.


These fans love to collect anything associated with NASCAR. They may search for a NASCAR Diecast car for months that their number one driver speeds around in on the track. In fact, many try their best to acquire pieces of the cars themselves. NASCAR is a sport that will only grow over time as the love for it is passed down from generation to generation.


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