John Bradberry – How Creatives Can Make Money Online

The internet has brought with it more options to make money than we have ever had and one of the best types of people who can harness the power of the internet to make money are creative types. The internet provides people with the ultimate way to express yourself and be creative and thanks to the access that we have to the allergist comment in the World, there is lots of money to be made.

Today we are going to take a look at how different creative types can use the internet to supplement or entirely replace their income.


Make money form art used to be very difficult indeed and unless you were the next Andy Warhol or Jackson Pollock, you had to make do with art being nothing more than a hobby. Thankful in this day and age, people like my buddy John Bradberry Charlotte NC artist can make a good living online. There are a couple of way s in which they can do this, the first is by selling their own prints online and displaying their products to a wide audience with ease. The second way of doing so is through selling lessons or uploading lessons in art to websites like YouTube where they can make good money from advertising revenues.


It has never been easier to become a successful writer than it is right now and we all have the internet to thank for that. In the past you would have had to write a bestseller or gain a high profile position as a journalist if you wanted to be a writer, these days however, things are much different. If you want to be a writer in this day and age then you simply need to start your own blog or look for freelance writing gigs on websites like Upwork, of which there are many. Do a good job, make a name for yourself and who knows, you could forge out a career as a successful writer.


Whilst busking for change may be a viable way to get your name out there as a musician and make a little bit of beer money as you go, the internet has brought far more opportunities for talented musicians. Through the use of social media channels, musicians can get their name and their music out there with ease in the hope of one day snagging a record deal. Even record companies are no longer vital to a musician’s success and pros who have already cut a record can sell it on their own through sites like iTunes. On top of all this, musicians can offer tutorials and lessons which can also make them money whilst they are trying to make it big.

If you are a creative type and you want to make money then the internet is where you should be looking to do so, there are countless opportunities and if you have something special to offer then you will be earning in no time at all.

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