Joshua Manocherian – Hobbies Which Can Be Turned Into Careers

The idea that you could potentially turn something that you love and have a passion for into a money-making career is one that peaks many people’s attention. In the past, turning a hobby into a career was far more difficult than it is right now in this internet age and today we are going to take a look at some of the careers which can be made from people’s hobbies.


My buddy Joshua Mancocherian was an amateur photographer for as long as I have known him, he would often sell the odd photo or two but nothing life changing. Two years ago my buddy took a gamble and decided to set up his own photography company. This proved to be a smart decision and Josh now makes an attractive living and spends his days shooting, developing and selling pictures online and through his shop. People who have a passion for photography can turn it into a money-maker with relative ease thanks to the internet in particular.


Millions of people around the World love nothing more than filling a blank page in with their ideas, stories and poems and in the past turning this into a career was not always easy. Before the internet came along, the World’s writers would have to find a job through either becoming a journalist in a highly competitive industry, or writing a book and being lucky enough to have it published. Thankfully in this digital age in which we live, writers can easily make a living form online work and freelancing jobs.


The internet has not only brought with it a huge variety of additional features for video game fanatics, it has also brought with it the ability to turn their love of gaming into a money making career. In fact, YouTube channel PewDePie, which features aSwedish guy who plays games, records them and then uploads the video to YouTube has made millions from his channel through advertising. This has given hope to millions of gamers out there that they can in fact turn their hobby into a career.


Selling handmade crafts used to mean that you would need to find a market stall in order to sell your wares. Those days have now gone and hundreds of thousands of crafty people can now use the internet to sell their goods to people from all over the World. With websites such as eBay and Etsy making it suer simple to build your very own online store, more and more people are realizing that they can sell their crafts with ease. The beauty of this kind of work is that those who have the skills to make items can do so whilst still working a ‘normal’ job, until they have built up enough success to go it alone, thus negating any risk of failure.

These are just some of the types of hobbies which can be turned into a career but there are many more and the power of the internet is the main driving force behind them.

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