Leave Debt Behind and Focus on the Future with Investing

Are you investing your money? The popular perception of stock markets and investing is that it’s something for the richest of the rich. We’ve seen movies where Wall Street bankers shout over each other and scramble at the slightest change in the market. But how do you know when to buy and sell? Or an even better question: has the face of investing changed over recent years? If you’re currently in debt, does that mean you can’t invest?


The notion that investing is only for the wealthy is far from the truth. Even those who are wondering how to handle bankruptcy trouble can find their way back onto their feet with the help of the right credit professional. You’ll need to get out of debt first before you can focus your finances on investing, but it’s well worth turning things around to enjoy the financial benefits of investing as well as the emotional security that comes with having a long-term plan.


Licensed Insolvency Trustees (formerly known as bankruptcy trustees) have the skills and experience to guide those who are struggling under debt out of the red and into the black. Government-regulated forms of debt relief like bankruptcy and consumer proposals might seem scary from the outside, but your trustee can empathetically and carefully walk you through your options.


No matter what your current financial situation is, it’s possible to build yourself back up to a place where investing is a possibility. When that time comes, you’ll need some knowledge of what makes a stock worth investing. Here are some of the top stocks of 2019 and their strengths to help you understand what to look for once you’re ready to invest.



Every heard of a little company called Google? Alphabet (GOOGL) is the parent company of Google and it has a lot of bright things on the horizon for its consumers. What makes this such a valuable stock, however, is that only once in the last ten years has Alphabet reported a year-over-year quarterly revenue decline. Still, this company has its finger on the pulse of the internet and are consistently adapting to changes in the technology market. Betting against them is not advised.



This is an industrial-tech company that used to make huge waves. Today, some of the glitz and glam has faded, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to write off Corning. The company has been producing steady sales and growing its earnings while also sitting pretty for what’s to come.


With 5G connectivity poised to change the landscape of wireless telecommunications, Corning’s investors can expect the company to leap into action to handle the new wave of data. Evidence that 5G is driving growth has already been observed in this year and even more growth can be expected in the long-run.


Focusing on the Future

Are you ready to start investing your money wisely? Investing is more accessible than ever, so don’t be afraid to dip your toes into the financial waters, as it were. With all sorts of predictions making the remainder of 2019 look promising, it’s easier than ever to make the next step in growing your money through investing.


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