Making Images Look Better Through Blurring

There are so many different ways to make images look better. Gone are the days when photography was all about the eye of the photographer and the gadgets that are used. Now we have access to highly advanced software that is going to make images perfect, exactly as you want them to.

Out of the different effects that can be added to a picture, the one that is highly underrated is blurring. You can use this in order to do so many different things that you are going to appreciate. The reason why blurring is not used is that in most cases software that adds such a filter will not have the necessary extras to make everything as great as it should be. You want to make the blur fit everything perfectly. If you do not do it right, the image will look like it was improperly taken in the first place. As an example, blur image background is something you want to take into account when you want to add some extra focus.


Movavi Photo Focus

Movavi Photo Editor is the name of a photo editing software program that is becoming more and more popular each day. It features a special tool called Movavi Photo Focus. You can use it in order to add blur to your images. What is really interesting is that the blur effects that you can add are really complex for a program that is so cheap.

Movavi Photo Focus will allow you to do different additions to image quality. Photo blur basically becomes a highly creative way for you to tell some incredible visual stories. Adding photo blur adds to quality in different ways:

  • Creating atmosphere – you can basically blur out the distractions so you can put an emphasis on the part of the image that is the most important for you.
  • Tilt-Shift – this is great for the panoramic shots. They would end up looking like a miniature. The effect is really great.
  • Creating a focal point – you want to be sure you only point out what is important from your pictures. You keep in focus everything that is needed, making them stand out.
  • Eliminating backgrounds in an artistic way – instead of completely removing the background, which is a feature available in Movavi Photo Editor, you can just blur out some parts. Different blur types are available like triangles, stars, hearts and the classic blur.
  • Creating a sense of motion – dynamics can easily be added to a shot with the use of the motion blur effect.

Extra Features Of Interest

Movavi Photo Focus and Movavi Photo Editor offer many interesting extra features you would really want to take advantage of. This program makes it really easy to edit blur parameters for the elements that are out of and in focus. You get different effects on the same image with different settings. If you want to, you can perform all desired basic frame transformations like resize, rotate and crop. That improves photo composition. After you are done, you can export in all the really popular image formats. This includes JPEG and PNG.


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