Robert Bassam – Started From The Bottom… Rags to Riches Stories

Not everyone gets dealt a great hand in life, in fact, many get dealt a hand that is highly unfavorable. In spite of this, there are many great people in the World who have found incredible amount of success in spite of the hand which life has dealt them.  These stories are inspirational and can help us all to see that if you truly want success then your background or upbringing is utterly irrelevant and if you put in the work then you too can find success. Here are some people who started with nothing and ended up with everything.


The young Shawn Carter was born into Brooklyn’s tough Marcy projects, at a young age, Carter began to sell drugs to support his family and to keep up with the crowd. Carter had wanted to become a rapper from an early age but he was rejected several times by record companies. Following the shooting of a friend, Carter changed his outlook and decided to use the many which he had made from drugs to create his own record label with friend Damon Dash. Fast forward 25 years and Jay-Z is considered one of the greatest hip hop stars of all time, he is married to the beautiful Beyonce and boasts a fortune of around $550 million, not bad for a kid from the projects.

Robert Bassam

Robert Bassam grew up on food stamps and always dreamed of a better life. Whilst working in a Mexican restaurant in the late 80s, the young Bassam spent all of his tip money on two cars being sold at the local Salvation Army at $50 each. Less than a week later Bassam sold the cars to two co-workers for $300 each and in this moment he knew what he needed to do. Pooling his money with a friend, Bassam went on to continue buying and selling cars until he was able to buy his own dealership. That dealership grew to other sites and became Eastern Automotive Company with Bassam as CEO, the company current sees revenues of $300 million each year and the wealth of the once-poor Bassam grows more an more each year.

Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz is truly an inspirational character, he was raised in the projects by his disabled father and mother and went on to become the founder and CEO of Starbucks. Schultz was a good football as a youngster and turned his scholarship into a business opportunity which allowed him to travel the World.  Having witnessed the cafe culture in France during his travels, Schultz wanted to bring the same thing to the US and opened his first small coffee shop which would go on to become the most famous coffee shop anywhere in the World. There are few corners in the World without a Starbucks on it and that is all thanks to the hard work and ability to overcome adversity that Schultz possesses.


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