Visibility is the Key to Using Banners for Advertising

Just in case you wonder why your strategy of using pull up banners failed, it is probably due to the location. Visibility is extremely important when using banners. You just can’t place them anywhere you want. If people do not see them, there is really no point in using them. No matter how lovely the designs are, they won’t matter at all.

This is why even before you design the banner you need to decide first which locations will be perfect. Survey your local area and find out if there are key locations worth placing the banner in. Take note that there are advertising areas that are up for rent. These are useful areas as they are designed specifically for that purpose. The only problem is that if the rent is too high, it won’t be cost effective anymore.

The best places

Usually, the best places are outside of really tall buildings. They can be easily seen. Of course, you need approval to place the banners there. Another option is to hang the banners in key places like malls, markets and schools. The problem is that they could be overcrowded. A lot of other businesses use these key places for their pop up banners. Just go around and take a look at various places so you can see which ones would be most suitable.

Use wide pull up banners

The rule of thumb in banner printing is that if you use bigger banners, you need to pay more. If you think these banners are worth the cost, it’s worth giving them a try. Check out wide pull up banners as they occupy more space. They will surely be visible even from afar. People will be more curious to see what you have written on them. The moment someone comes closer, everyone else will follow. This is how you attract attention.

Don’t forget the design

Once you have decided to go for a wide pull up banner, the next step is to start the overall design. Make sure that it is appealing enough that people will take a look at it right away. Use graphic designs, amazing colours and perfect contrast. Don’t worry if the results don’t kick in immediately. They take some time. After people see the wonderful banner and its content, they will surely come to your business and find out more about what you offer. Just don’t forget to evaluate your banner and find out if the first one worked well. If not, you can always change the design or look for better locations.

Just don’t give up on the idea of using banners for advertising. A lot of business owners still use them for advertising and they have been very satisfied.


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