Don’t Drown in Debt in 2018

The first quarter of every New Year is filled with good intentions that often fall by the wayside quickly. Fad diets, working out, and other self-improvement projects blend in with daily life and may or may not become part of routine activities that you stick to throughout the year. One resolution that many people attempt throughout the year is to control and reduce their personal debt.

Reducing or eliminating debt is an important financial goal that may often necessitate the assistance of qualified professionals. The debt specialists at Chande & Company offer a wide-variety of debt-focused financial services to assist consumers in finding successful and productive solutions to their credit problems. We offer assistance and guidance to help anyone manage a tidal wave of debt.

Most people fail to realize that they are in the midst of a debt crisis until it is too late to correct the course. An extra bill, accumulating late fees, and high interest rates can come out of nowhere — especially after a personal or family emergency. More Canadians than ever are concerned about being able to pay their bills. Taking control of the situation as early as possible can prevent a minor debt problem from becoming one that has long-lasting impacts.

Reach for a Lifeline

For many Canadians, debt is a way of life…and not in a good way. Recent financial reports suggest that our nation’s residents are among the most indebted in the world. Instead of constantly treading water and letting the bills and late fees pile up, consumers who want to make it to shore should be looking to solutions to their mounting debt.

At Chande & Company, we understand that debt accrues for a variety of reasons:

  • Overextending personal spending
  • Reliance on credit during periods of low or unemployment
  • Family and personal emergencies
  • Financial mismanagement and poor personal budgeting habits

Our trained professionals know how to evaluate every debt situation to offer consumers a lifeline from credit pitfalls that can have long-lasting negative impacts. While getting into debt is sometimes not a personal choice, getting out of it is. For anyone carrying a burdensome debt, relief begins with reaching out for guidance and expert advice.

Debt Help Tailored for Different Circumstances

Not everyone’s debt is the same. Successful management demands a personalized approach to each client’s circumstances. Chande & Company financial services are available for every person’s individual debt load and income. We will take the time to review your situation and make the best possible recommendations to make sure that our clients will not drown in debt this year.

With a variety of debt management solutions — from debt restructuring for many consumers to bankruptcy for extreme cases — our financial counsellors will work with debtors and creditors to achieve the best possible resolution. Achieving financial security is not always a walk in the park, but with the right professionals, it can be much easier to keep personal goals and resolutions to get control of debt in 2018.

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