Revealed: 56 Drinks and Four Arguments – The Average British Holiday

New research reveals that British holidaymakers have some very annoying holiday habits, ranging from whining about the weather to drinking too much. British holidaymakers also have a stereotypical name for starting fights, and this seems to be very close to the truth.

A new piece of research into the behavior of British holidaymakers has revealed some pretty shameful behaviors when abroad. The data showed that, on average, Brits would have around 56 drinks, get into four major fights, and whine eight times about it being “too hot” in a two-week holiday.

Researchers from UK-based online travel agency Sunshine  have completed an in-depth study into how British holidaymakers behave, showing the average outlook for a sun-filled two-week holiday abroad. It showed that the average spend for a Brit was £1,863 for every adult, including accommodation, flights, and spending money.

The research also showed that British people like to go quite far away nowadays, with the average distance from home being 2,479 miles.

Some interesting behavioral statistics were revealed, including:

  • That the average British holidaymaker will finish two books and read half of a third book.
  • That the average British holidaymaker will spend 2.5 hours per day using their electronic devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This equates to 35 hours of holiday spent glued to a screen. 1.6 daily hours were spent on social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • That 33% of British holidaymakers spend an average of three hours every day sunbathing.
  • That British holidaymakers get lost while on holiday, having to ask for directions, at least three times.

Studies also looked at the emotional behavior of British holidaymakers, showing that:

  • 31% admitting to experience at least “some passion” while they are on vacation.
  • 27% admitting to not have any time at all to “get intimate” while they are on vacation.
  • 8% admitting to getting frisky so often that they lost count of the exact number of times.

Holidays also proved to be quite educational. The average British holidaymaker would learn at least four new phrases in a foreign language when they were away.

According to a representative from Sunshine: “What are survey has shown is that there is a lot to be learned from the behavior of the average British person while they are away on holiday. Because so many people now document every major experience on their social media accounts, we weren’t really surprised to see that a lot of hours of the average vacation were spent being online.”

“What did surprise us, however, was that, on average, British holidaymakers would have four major fights as well, generally with members of their family or their partner. We believe that, if people were to focus more on getting excellent value for money, they would be able to reduce their vacation stress significantly. While we wouldn’t be able to find a holidaymaker the perfect sun lounger, we can make sure that they can save quite a lot of money on their holiday overall. Hopefully, when we next conduct this study, we will see that there is at least a reduction in the number of fights people have.”

The study further showed that people completely forgot to count calories when they were on a holiday abroad. In fact, 37% of people do not care about what they eat, binging on anything that takes their fancy. In fact, the average calorific intake per day was 500 calories higher than what they would have when at home.

Lastly, the study showed that the ideal time to get on the sun lounger for the British holidaymaker was 10am in the morning.

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