Why You Should be Buying Used Industrial Equipment for Your Business

Starting and running a business is an expensive and risky endeavor, especially when it entails buying pricey equipment that will make your work easier, faster, and cheaper, or in some cases, all together possible. Getting the right items can be the difference between success or failure, so it’s something that you want to calculate and perfect before you take the plunge.


One thing that would make this entire thing much easier is if you could get your equipment at lower prices, minimizing the financial risk you are taking. Though sometimes these items go on sale, it’s very rare for industrial level machinery to sell at a reduced price. However, there is another way you can get a deal on your business’s essentials: second hand equipment. Industrial equipment often has a long lifespan, sometimes longer than the business itself, and maintains a lot of its value even after years of regular use.



The advantages of purchasing used industrial equipment are countless, but for simplicity’s sake we will list a few:


It’s More Affordable

This is a major advantage, especially if you are just starting out and need to invest a lot of money at once to start generating cash flow. By buying second hand from a certified reseller, you can get more equipment for the price you would have spent on just one item, or perhaps even better specs than that of a new one that fits your budget. Remember that new machinery is only new for a short time, and then it will eventually just end up being another piece of used equipment anyway.


Proven Technology

Sometimes with the “newest and greatest” there are a lot of bugs to work out. By getting something a little older but with great structure and quality, you are more likely to have technicians and repair people who have worked with the model before. With technology moving towards a more “smart” design that incorporates a lot of software and such, sometimes it’s easier (and cheaper) to go with a more mechanical route that is simpler to repair and maintain.


It’s More Sustainable

Very often, companies find that they have to change or upgrade their equipment due to greater production volumes, a change in products, or whatever reason. Though their old equipment functions perfectly, it would only be gathering dust on the shop floor. Rather than just throwing out this equipment and filling up junkyards, the more sustainable thing to do, from both an environmental and financial stand point, is to resell it. By purchasing used industrial equipment, you are supporting a cycle of good business, no matter which angle you look from.


Financing IS Possible

One of the things that can hold back someone considering buying used equipment is the lack of financing options. They are under the assumption that since they are not buying straight from the manufacturer, they need to be able to pay the full amount upfront, and that could take a lot of time to save up for. However, if you buy from a certified used industrial equipment reseller, they should be able to present you with financing options that will allow you to start working right away.


As you can tell, if you are in the market for industrial equipment, it’s definitely worth exploring used options as well as new ones. Compare and contrast the specs, see what is a better fit, and then start altering your workspace to make room for your new (even if it’s just new for you) piece of essential equipment.


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